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CRC Evans leads in hydrogen pipeline delivery

February 22nd, 2024 by

CRC Evans has successfully completed work on a hydrogen pipeline in Europe, further enhancing the Group’s expertise in this new area of pipeline welding.

Located in Romania’s Black Sea Podisor region, the pipeline spans over 50km and includes both 40-inch and 48-inch pipeline diameters. At 12.5mm wall thickness, the 40-inch diameter section required 2,800 mainline welds, and at 14.2mm wall thickness, the 48-inch diameter section required 2,300 mainline welds. The pipeline, which was initially intended to transport natural gas, was redesigned to be constructed as ‘hydrogen ready’ in a move to support lifetime extension and future use.

One of the key challenges with hydrogen pipeline welding is weld procedure qualification, an operation carried out to test the proposed parameters to ensure the integrity of a weld. Pipeline welding involves multiple variables, such as current, voltage, travel speed, pipe thickness, weld position and temperature, where each variable is an influencing factor. Delivering the ideal values for these variables is necessary to ensure optimum weld quality and that the weld can meet the intended application.

To meet hardness and quality requirements CRC Evans’ welding and metallurgy experts conduct a combination of different welding processes using the same welding system, to support the development of a procedure that is applicable to all environments. An additional challenge when dealing with hydrogen is that it has very small atoms that can permeate the steel microstructure and increase the risk of stress corrosion. Ensuring low steel hardness can improve operational outcomes by combatting embrittlement and the enhanced risk of pipeline steel cracking. This requires experienced technicians with a deep understanding of materials.

On this project in Romania, CRC Evans worked closely with our customer to understand the requirements of the infrastructure and provided an innovative solution based on the modification of an established approach. This allowed the company to deliver a reliable welding procedure utilising its mechanised P625 dual torch welding system, where the resultant qualified parameters were able to meet the specific project requirements. The speed and effectiveness of this solution can be directly attributed to the company’s broad expertise spanning 90-years of pipeline delivery for its energy and wider infrastructures customers.

CRC Evans Strategic Growth Director, Leon Dashwood said “Governments around the world are setting out hydrogen strategies to support decarbonisation goals and plans for targeted investment across industrial, transportation and energy sectors. Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important in the drive to reduce global emissions.

“Part of this transition will be the delivery of vital new infrastructure to support the manufacture, storage, and transportation of hydrogen, ensuring its safe and reliable delivery. As trusted infrastructure specialists, CRC Evans has the experience and capability to become a key partner in the hydrogen market.”

CRC Evans inspection business sold to strategic buyer

January 11th, 2024 by

CRC Evans is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement for the Sale of its Quantive Group inspection business, for an undisclosed sum, with completion expected to formally take place in January.

Proceeds from the divestment significantly enhance CRC Evans’ capital position, which will support the company’s growth and strengthen focus on its core welding and coating service delivery. The move is aligned with the Group’s overall strategy and reinforces CRC Evans’ commitment to becoming the preferred partner for the evolving global energy and wider infrastructure sectors.

For the buyer, the acquisition of Quantive Group helps to consolidate its standing in the inspection market. Both companies are market leaders with complementary core competencies and customer-centric approach with a strong foundation in operational excellence and safety, which will help to ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted service and support for clients.

The Transaction comprises the Sale by CRC Evans of its shareholdings in the Quantive Group LLC, together with associated subsidiaries.

CRC Evans appoints Leon Dashwood as Strategic Growth Director

November 16th, 2023 by

CRC Evans is pleased to announce the appointment of Leon Dashwood as Strategic Growth Director, further strengthening the company’s senior leadership team.

Reporting to CEO, Frederic Castrec, and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee, Mr. Dashwood will play a key role in delivering CRC Evans’ growth strategy. He will work closely with senior leaders to drive business development activities related to new opportunities and markets, accelerating the company’s growth and diversification plans and positioning CRC Evans as a market leader across the global energy and wider infrastructure sectors.

Commenting on his appointment Mr Dashwood said “It is a very exciting time to join the CRC Evans business, when there is tremendous scope to expand our offering. There is a growing demand for clean energy solutions and CRC Evans has teams in strategic locations, fully operational and ready to support our customers on a truly global scale.

“I look forward to working with Frederic to capitalise on the company’s proven track record and strengthen our foothold in the evolving energy markets.”

Frederic Castrec, CRC Evans CEO, said: “Leon is a strong addition to the CRC Evans leadership team. His input and experience will help to grow our global market position and extend our specialist welding and coating services, technologies, and high-performance equipment across new sectors in the growing energy and infrastructure markets.

“I look forward to working with Leon as we implement effective strategies to ensure that we can meet our ambitious growth plans.”

Mr Dashwood brings a wealth of experience and expertise from 17 years in the global energy sector. He previously held the position of Regional Managing Director for Enerpac Tool Group (NYSE – EPAC), a leading industrial tools and service business based in Dubai, overseeing sales and operations across the Middle East, North Africa and Caspian regions.

PTL enters a long-term global services agreement with Subsea7

January 2nd, 2023 by

Pipeline Technique (PTL), a leading provider of welding and coating solutions to the global onshore and offshore energy sectors, has entered into a long-term agreement with Subsea7 for the provision of welding and field joint coating services.

Under the terms of the agreement, PTL will provide Subsea7 with access to both a team of experienced specialists, and cutting-edge equipment, building upon the pre-existing and long-standing relationship between the two companies.

PTL supports customers’ projects through the consistent and progressive delivery of global rigid pipeline systems, locally tailored solutions, automation and strategic supply chain partnerships. The company has recently acquired the Oil & Gas division from Stanley Black & Decker, a major international pipeline services and equipment provider, bringing together two long term suppliers of Subsea7 and further strengthening this collaboration agreement.

Ben Mackay, Chief Operating Officer for PTL, said “By offering predictability, we can provide Subsea7 with a robust foundation for long-term planning and enhanced project performance. We look forward to contributing to more efficient operations benefitting both parties.”

PTL Chief Executive Officer, Frederic Castrec said “PTL’s close working relationship with Subsea7 spans several years, and this collaboration agreement forms the basis for its long-term continuation.”

Gulf of Mexico Award

January 2nd, 2023 by

Following a recent award for the supply of manpower and personnel services on the Subsea7 spoolbase in Ingleside, Gulf of Mexico, PTL has now commenced operations onsite.

The scopes to be completed are for deepwater developments in the Gulf of Mexico, each containing flowlines and steel catenary risers.