Bending Sets & Dies

An essential in pipeline construction


CRC Evans provide bending sets and dies either bare or with linings to accommodate all commercial coatings to withstand bending. A standard-bare bending set and die come in bare pipe, coal tar, asphalt, and annular extruded polyurethane up to 4mm in thickness. If you’re going over 4mm, you’ll need a special bare bending set.

We manufacture by request and can accommodate special conditions or non-standard pipe coating with our special bending sets. These special bending sets come foam coated and support smaller radius bends. We can also manufacture with epoxy, polyethylene, and extruded polypropylene.

Bending dies allow the bending machine to work with specific pipe sizes over a wide range of diameters. We sell these separately and they come bare or polyurethane-lined to accommodate coated pipes.

The largest pipe size in any pipe bending machine requires only the die – sometimes an adapter plate for the pin-up, pin-up clamps and stiff will be needed too. For terminal sizes there will be a requirement to remove the plate insert in the stiff back pin-up shoe, and the clamp by grinding out weld stitches. Afterwards, a new set of lined plates can be welded into place. Some older machines may not have the plate insert and may require major rework.

These recommendations do not constitute a warranty.

  • Standard sets with dies accommodate pipe manufactured to API-5L
  • Sets consist of a stiff back liner, pin-up liner, and pin-up clamp liners
  • Come bare or with linings to accommodate coatings
  • Specially requested sets available

  • A bending set and a bending die are an essential in pipeline - they are required for each diameter of pipe

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