Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 16-30”

Unmatched strength when handling the sturdiest of pipes

The Centurion Pipe Bending Machine for 16”–30” pipes offers the expected resilience and strength you’d expect from the Centurion range. The re-engineered frame increases its bending capacity, making short work of all heavy-walled high-yield pipes.

We integrated a new diesel engine which makes short work of challenging environments. The cover on the engine provides reduction in noise and the engine support contains a diesel fuel tank and batteries for ease of access. With a new hydraulic system providing a larger hydraulic tank whilst operating a new valve system allows convenient lever control of all hydraulic functions, whilst you are safely positioned at the operator’s platform.

The engine and air compressor platforms are side mounted offering a lower centre of gravity and great stability. Air compressors are optional. The stiff back and tongue also allow for mandrel storage.

We design all the equipment in-house to your specifications and adhere to the quality management system certified to internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008 standard as well as our own quality policy. There’s nothing you’d trust more than this machine.


Optional Mandrel operation:

Pneumatic Mandrel with 3 section valve

Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel with 5 section valve

Note: optional two stage pump available

  • Centurion range’s superior bending properties
  • 68% increased travel speeds
  • 39% greater bending force

  • Performs the bending of welded pipe between the dimensions of 16- 30” in diameter

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Our equipment is designed, tested and continuously upgraded in-house to provide optimal efficiency