Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 6-20”

High performance bending properties which can withstand any strength of pipe

The Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 6-20” makes routine work of standard pipes and is more than capable with handling more demanding jobs such as the current heavy-wall and high-yield pipes used today. It bolsters an extra 500 psi of force: taking it from 2000 psi to 2500 psi.

The CRC Evans’ High-Productivity Bending System present in the Centurion line allows for 82% faster travel speed due to its’ high capacity pump system and powers 39% more bending force than our standard range of Pipe Bending Machines because of its’ larger cylinder size and high pressure rating. Our full range of Pipe Bending Machines offer top of the range hydraulics and a quick-starting engine with reduced noise and cold start functionality. A single operator can fully operate the machine.

The machine is much stronger than its previous iteration with a new diesel engine which withstands challenging weather. Its frame has been reinforced and redesigned following engineering revisions which allows increased bending capacity’s. This also provides a greater field of view for the operator – allowing easy vision of die.

Optional Mandrel operation:

Pneumatic Mandrel with 3 section valve

Hydraulic Plug Mandrel with 4 section valve

Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel with 5 section valve

Note: optional two stage pump available

  • Centurion range’s superior bending properties
  • 82% faster travel speed
  • 39% more bending force

  • Performs the bending of welded pipe between the dimensions of 6-20” in diameter

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