Copper Back Up Clamp B

Engineered to meet various pipeline welding applications and diameters


CRC Evans’ (CRCE) copper back up clamp (CBUC) is designed to meet a variety of welding applications using GMAW/PGMAW automatic welding equipment. The system functions as an internal pipe line-up clamp to support external root bead weld deposition with a copper backing surface. The system can deposit more consistent, higher quality external root beads with normal pipe alignment.

Available with segmented and spring-loaded copper backing shoes, or solid copper tile configurations depending upon application. Segmented copper tiles allow backing shoes to individually conform to the internal pipe diameters .

Segmented systems are suitable for projects with multiple pipe sizes, heavy wall and thin wall variations, or extreme tolerance deviations. The system ensures consistent root bead support across common variations in production pipe tolerances including; wall thickness, roundness, diameter, and joint fit up.

The solid copper tiles machined to fit specific pipe diameters are strict on dimensional variations. They’re robust, long lasting, and offer mechanical simplicity. For projects demanding many welds on a single pipe diameter the solid copper CBUC provides consistency.

Specialist CBUCs are available for J-lay, tie-in, and purge applications.

  • Consistent external root deposition
  • High quality external root welds
  • Mainline, offshore J-lay, tie-in, and purge configurations
  • Custom applications available

  • Internal pipe line up

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