Hydraulic Plug Mandrel

Hydraulically powered mandrel to support the bending of pipes 6-22”


As part of the CRC Evans’ standard bending system, the Hydraulic Plug Mandrel is effective in holding pipe distortion to a minimum – it offers 360° support to the inside surface of the pipe.

The plug allows more degrees of bend to be made with a 6-22” diameter pipe than any other mandrel will provide. The pipe size and wall thickness range can be altered within the model’s size.

The function orientated design means less maintenance is required and it come with all attachments provided.

The mandrel works with the CRC Evans 6-20” and 16-30” Pipe Bending Machines as its’ power source. Hydraulic power take-off conversion kits are available. Independent power sources can be used.

Units for pipe sizes from 6-22”

  • 360° support to the inside surface of the pipe
  • Low “out-of roundness”
  • Higher degrees of bend
  • Simplistic design and use

  • Provide support to pipes from 6-22” in diameter during bending

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