Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel [HWM]

Developed specifically to meet the bending requirements of heavy-wall and high-yield grade pipe.

The Hydraulic Wedge Type Mandrel (HWM) was developed for the bending of heavy-wall and high-yield grade pipes. It’s used for pipe sizes 20” to 60”, with the diesel-powered units supporting pipe sizes 34” to 60”. The pipe bending machine operator also controls the mandrel.

The Hydraulic Wedge Type Mandrel is made in part with the CRC Evans High-Productivity Bending System. The mandrel provides a smooth bend and allows for little-to-no distortion. The machine is all results – its’ simplistic design means few parts are required if in need of maintenance, reducing troubleshooting and costs drastically.

The mandrel is conveniently transported through the travel wheels which are pivotally mounted to provide self-levelling of the mandrel in the pipe. The travel wheels raise from the pipe wall when the mandrel is expanded. The process is very fast due to double angle hardened steel wedges which prove for powerful locking action. The wedges will accommodate many depths of wall thickness without changing shims.

A normal operation doesn’t require an auxiliary hydraulic power unit (however this can be supplied to the customer if required)

  • Powerful, fast performance
  • Simplistic design
  • Powered hydraulically by Pipe Bending Machine
  • Low maintenance costs

  • Assists the Pipe Bending Machine with pipes from 20-60” and provides smooth bends and reduction of distortion

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