Internal Pneumatic Line-Up Clamp

Available in manual and automatic to coordinate pipes from 6-60”


Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps (IPLCs) are constructed to withstand the specially high standards that are required with pipeline spread operations.  There is a vast range of IPLCs to suit any wall thickness and size. Independently operated pneumatic heads allow the line-up of pipes with different wall thicknesses. When correctly used IPLCs will not damage or cause a “bell end” to the pipe.

A self-propelled IPLC travels through the pipe to the next joint by its own power, using a reserve air tank. The self-propelled units are available for pipe sizes 10 – 60”. Units supporting pipe sizes 20” and larger feature urethane wheels and drag brakes. IPLCs require compressed air at 180-200 psi (12.4 – 13.8 bar) – with the maximum safe working pressure being 210 psi (14.5 bar).

When utilizing automatic units up to 30” in diameter you’ll require the CRC Evans Compressor model #HT340. Whereas units 32” and greater needs the CRC Evans Compressor model #HT390.

The non-self-propelled (or manual) IPLC is physically pulled to the next joint by the operator, assisted by non-marring wheels which are capable of grades up to 20°. The non-self-propelled units are only available in pipe sizes 6 – 18”.  Units from 10-18” feature steel travel wheels and can be provided with extra-length reach control rods if necessary.

All units support stainless steel pipe and supplied with internal coating friendly wheels. Upon request we also provide a crane suspended vertical operation facility and pipe size & wall thickness conversion kits.

  • Manual units from 6 – 18”
  • Automatic units from 10 – 60”
  • No damage caused
  • No bell ending of pipe caused

  • Perform within the pipe to coordinate two joints to be welded externally

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