Internal Welding Machine (IWM)

Fully automatic pipeline root pass welding system


The CRC Evans Internal Welding Machine (IWM) is a combination internal clamp and automatic multi-head internal root pass welding system, available in two variations: one for barge or offshore applications and one for land or standard pipeline right of way.

The CRC Evans IWM can deliver root welding times of 2 minutes on a 56” pipe in fully automatic cycle making it the fastest automatic internal root welding system available in the market today and key to reaching high production rates during onshore pipeline construction projects. Depositing the root from inside the pipe enhances hi-low results, helping to guarantee root fusion even where alignment is challenging.

The CRC Evans IWM is available in sizes ranging from 24″ to 60″, with 4 to 8 heads depending on diameter.

  • Multi-welding heads
  • Fully automatic welding
  • No copper contamination
  • Internal root pass
  • High production rates
  • Quick and accurate alignment
  • No root gap
  • More tolerance to high/ low

  • High accuracy onshore and offshore pipeline welding

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