Laser pipe end measurement system (SCIO)

For critical dimensional check ups


The Laser pipe end measurement system (SCIO) is a pipe end measurement tool for the analysis of pipe dimensions up to 150mm in length on both the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD). The SCIO also performs quality checks on bevelled ends with its’ pair of 2D profile lasers. It is the most efficient and easy way to fit up a pipe.

The SCIO has three different modes of operation:

Optifit: Provides the best fit up rotation between pipe ends

Omnifit: Provides full pipeline sequence and optimized rotation

Bevelscan: Performs a quality check of the bevel

Using measured data the SCIO can verify whether the pipe is produced within the agreed dimensional tolerances and whether it can be fitted with another pipe before production. It uses data scanned to generate a full fine-mesh 3D image of the pipe end.

The device is portable and operated wirelessly. Coming with a flight case, you can easily transport it within the hold of an aircraft. It is the most accessible option for pipe-end analysis.

  • Optimal pipe fit up
  • Reduced fit up time
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced repair rates
  • Improved weld quality & integrity

  • Carbon steel and corrosion resistant alloys
  • Firing line, spool base, barge
  • Onshore: pipe yards / mainline production / repair stations
  • Offshore: pipe yards / mainline production / repair stations

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