M-300-C Mechanised Welding Machine

Fully customisable automated FCAW welding with consistent results


The M-300-C mechanised welding machine is single torch and offers consistent and quality welding properties. The user has access to 32 programmable welding passes and an onboard computer ensures precise control over travel speed, oscillation, dwell times, etc.

The M-300-C is a self-contained platform which features a travel carriage, wire feed motor and wire spool, computer control box, and adjustable welding head. The M-300-C can perform external downhill dilution, uphill fill, and uphill cap welding. Optimized for Flux-cored Arc Welding (FCAW) it’s versatile design can be connected to most welding power sources. The feedback from optical encoders on digital motors means there is no need for motor calibration.

The user intuitive device features an on-board display which will show the critical weld parameters as well as diagnostic information. It can be configured to perform a single pass on multi-station jobs or perform all passes on a single station. With an independent modular power driver it stages all motors to assist in easy troubleshooting. The M-300-C will withstand prolonged use with an easily replaceable elastomeric keyboard.

The CRC Evans M-300-C is CE European Certified. It’s tested to EN 55011, Group 1 Class A and is in compliance with required criteria.

  • API 30o or compound joint design
  • Increased deposition rate
  • Microprocessor control
  • Simple operation

  • High accuracy fabrication

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