P-260 Computerised Welding Machine

Fully customisable automated GMAW and Pulsed-GMAW welding with consistent results


The P-260 computerised welding machine is a  single torch external welding system offers consistent welding parameter and quality control. With 32 programmable welding passes and vertical tracking which maintains consistency around the weld – perfection couldn’t come any easier.

The device is a self-contained platform incorporating a travel carriage, wire feed motor and wire spool, computer control box, and an adjustable welding head. It’s suitable for Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or Pulsed-GMAW processes and its versatile design allows it to be widely compatible with most constant-voltage or pulsed-current welding sources including the new inverters.

The P-260 has the ability to perform external root pass welding in addition to standard hot, fill, and cap pass welding.

The onboard computer allows for the precise control of many welding parameters such as : volts, amps, travel speed, oscillation, dwell times, etc. A secure data key prevents unauthorized weld parameter variables which means you know your setup will be correct when you come back to it. The data key also keeps a real-time log of all weld data for further processing in Microsoft Excel.

  • Easy operation
  • Data key for security and data storage of welds
  • Precision control
  • Consistent weld properties
  • Thru arc seam tracking

  • High accuracy fabrication

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