P625 dual torch automatic welder

Customisable, cutting-edge welding system


The P625 Dual Torch Automatic Welder’s onboard computer ensures precise control of welding parameters such as volts, amps, travel speed, oscillation and dwell times. This allows the user to store a real-time log of all essential weld data for further processing.

The CRC Evans P625 dual-torch automatic welder features advanced welding technology in a lightweight, compact size.

The P625 utilises pulse MIG and through-the-arc tracking. It also has full digital monitoring and control to maximise speed while producing consistent high-quality welds.

Bluetooth connectivity allows weld parameters to be programmed in advance and wirelessly downloaded to the machine in the field. You can make parameter changes with no operational delays and quickly upload performance data for QC analysis to verify weld quality.

Our technology is fully supported in field by our global team of experts ready to help. Whilst our in-house engineers are available to adapt the P625 automatic welder to your exact requirements.

  • Narrow-gap joint design
  • Increased deposition rate
  • Microprocessor control
  • Easy operation
  • Through-the-arc seam tracking
  • Consistent weld properties

  • High accuracy fabrication

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