Pipe Bending Machine 36-48”

Versatility and durability for the bending of the largest pipes

The CRC Evans Pipe Bending Machine (PBM) for 36-48” pipes is our largest of the range. Its’ fully capable of bending all grades of API-5L pipe.

The machines utilizes a hydraulically powered winch which moves the pipe through the machine on smooth moving rollers. A calibrated indicator rod then allows the operator to make consistent and uniform bends. A pin-up shoe assists by automatically gripping the moving pipe to prevent distortion. The Hydraulic control system gives the operator complete control of all the machines operations from a convenient platform.

The frame consists of a high-strength steel supporting great durability, in the unlikely case anything goes wrong, its’ unitized construction makes maintenance and repair the simplest of tasks.

The machine is to be moved by the towing of a suitable tractor. The towing eye is attached to hydraulically actuate stiff back and may be raised or lowered to simplify attaching.

To convert to another pipe size, all that’s needed to do is change the bending set. For each pipe size to be bent a bending set, bending die, mandrel, and bending belt are required. The machine uses a two stage pump to increase productivity

  • Hydraulically controlled
  • Bend all grades of API-5L pipe
  • Pin-up shoe for pipe grip

  • Performs the bending of welded pipe between the dimensions of 36- 48” in diameter

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