Pipe Facing Machine

Machine precision bevels with extreme accuracy for manual or automatic welding


The CRC Evans Pipe Facing Machine (PFM) is used to machine precision bevels with extreme accuracy for manual or automatic welding. PFMs are most often used in the stationary yard, a barge, or in cross-country pipelines.

A PFM consists of two sections – the clamp, and the machine. The clamp uses two outward-moving  hydraulic clamping shoes which clench the pipe in place from the inside. The PFM fits into pipes from 8” to 60” in diameter. Once this is done, the machine performs its task of engaging a rotating faceplate which can hold 4 or 6 easily assembled tungsten carbide cutting tips. The tools can be widely customised to suit any desired design and thickness – even allowing the simultaneous cutting of multiple angles.

The process takes as little as 2 – 6 minutes, benefitting from an experienced operator.

A CRC Evans Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is required to power the PFM. The CRC Evans HPU can power the full range of CRC Evans PFMs. The PFM can also be directly connected to an excavator. Please ask CRC Evans for the appropriate flow chart.


  • Squares bevel to pipe end
  • High accuracy
  • References pipe internal surface
  • Reduces weld volume
  • Speeds pipe alignment

  • High speed bevelling to any joint design

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