Pneumatic Wedge Mandrel [PWM]

Bend any heavy-walled, high-yield grade pipes from 8-42” with flexibility and confidence

A powered Pneumatic Wedge Mandrel (PWM) can handle the demanding bending requirements of heavy-wall and high-yield grade pipes from 8” to 42”, with unpowered units handling 8” to 20”. Designed in part with the CRC Evans high-productivity bending system, the wedge provides radial support to the inner walls of the pipe whilst maintaining great flexibility with lengthy bends.

When unpowered the PWM can support manual bending of pipes 8” to 20” in diameter. The wedge is administered and controlled within the pipe by a reach rod, and is physically pulled to each bend. There are travel wheels which can be raised from the pipe wall when the wedge is expanded which effortlessly moves between bends. They are pivotally mounted which allows self-levelling of the wedge in the pipe.

Powered – the PWM extends its’ range allowing for use in pipe diameters 8” to 42”. The powered wedge travels through the pipe for the next bend under its’ own power.

The PWM requires compressed air at 200 psi (12.2 – 13.6 bar). The maximum safe working pressure is 210 psi (15.3 bar). This is provided with the compressor we supply with the mandrel. However, you may also any other CRC Evans Air Compressor.

  • Powerful, fast performances
  • Simplistic design and use
  • Double angle hardened steel wedges allow powerful locking action
  • Can be used powered and unpowered

  • Assists the Pipe Bending Machine with pipes diameters 8-42” to provide smooth bends and little-to-no distortion

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