Roli™ Cradle

For pipe sizes 6” [168mm] to 60” [1524mm]


The CRC Evans Roli Cradle lifts and supports all line-travel operations. The wraparound design ensures that the pipe centres within the cradle. Lightweight urethane rollers comfortably secure the pipe. The material ensures any weld seams breeze right past and don’t get caught or cause damage.

The anti-friction bearings mounted on high strength cable which assures no damage fall upon the pipe. The pressure of the pipe is distributed evenly over the rollers ensuring there will be no risk of egging the pipe.

The Roli Cradle is lightweight and easily dissembled for storage and transit.

The Roli Cradle may be used with any size of side boom, however care must be taken to not exceed the recommended maximum working load of the cradle. The recommended capacities are shown in the datasheet with a safety factor of 5:1. Recalculate these capacities if your local laws or regulations allow a different safety factor.

  • Lightweight
  • Easily disassembled
  • Non-abrasive material meaning no damage to pipe
  • No egging

  • Used to support a pipe to then be lifted and easily maneuvered by crane.

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