Superscreen Vulcano 2.0

Famous and unmatched padding, updated and improved to excel on the most demanding work sites


The new Laurini Superscreen Vulcano 2.0 is the latest version of our provided line of padding machine. Its unparalleled endurance ensures all harsh materials will be swiftly dealt with for an effective days work. It keeps screening and padding with an assurance you’d expect from Laurini. The vibrating screen machine setup utilises a tracked self-propelled undercarriage with remote control. It’s equipped inclined feeder allows for effortless unloading allows for more efficient work days out in the field.

The hydraulic system offers smooth steering response and precise movement control. The combination of an over-dimensioned heat exchanger/ radiator with a FanDrive system offers modular cooling to the vehicles heat exchanger which allows a reduction of up to 20% fuel consumption.

The engine is confined with hinged doors allowing great accessibility to all its components whilst also offering great protection against all the dust, dirt, and rubble which could affect the engine and hydraulics.

The side-to-side conveyor belt offers adjustable speed settings and a hydraulic head deflector. These functions allow the operator to adjust the padding material flow and the direction of which into a trench below.

  • Remotely controlled
  • Hydraulic steering
  • FanDrive modulative cooling
  • Fully adjustable padding flow and direction

  • Efficient vibrating machine that excels in the screening and padding of soil

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