TruBend™ Angle Measurement

Wireless digital angle measurement efficiently transmitting live readings


Trubend is a wireless digital angle measurement device to be attached to any CRC Evans Pipe Bending Machine. The device is magnetically attached making for an instantaneous set-up. The device will provide a continuous readout of the achieved bend and this can be monitored by the operator during the process making a previously lengthy task redundant.

The Truebends’ read accuracy is to 0.1 of a degree, meaning you get perfection every time, whilst saving time. This removes the need to stop the operation and manually measure with a clinometer.

The system consists of two measurement units and a master receiver unit with the digital readout. The display shows angles of both ends and the net bend in the pipe. It suits all sizes of pipe and batteries provide 240 hours of operation time – the Trubend will never fail you.

The device is available with a computer recorder and also comes with a heavy-duty carry case.

The Trubend features two radio transmitters allowing more than one set to work in the same area without interfering with the other. Please consult your local laws and regulations and inform CRC Evans if any special frequencies are required. If no indication is given the unit supplied will have the frequency of a cordless telephone in the country of destination.

  • Live reading of angle during bending
  • Accurate to 0.1 of a degree
  • 240 hours of battery time
  • Comes packed in heavy-duty carry case

  • Accurately measure the correct bend required through a live reading of the angle during the bending operation

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