What we do

CRC Evans has unparalleled infrastructure expertise spanning multiple sectors.

Knowledge and expertise

An experienced partner

CRC Evans has broad sector experience and depth of knowledge with unparalleled expertise spanning multiple sectors including oil and gas, renewable energy and wider infrastructure across refineries, nuclear and transportation.

Our broad manufacturing capability enables us to fabricate components and modules in multiple locations, with consistent welding, coating, NDE, DC & measurement services and uniform procedures across all of our fabrication locations. As a preferred technical partner we can provide effective and flexible fabrication solutions for our customers, ensuring that value is captured and applied to create a positive cost and risk reduction profile going forward.

Our capabilities have broad application across the emerging energies sector including offshore and floating wind, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and clean nuclear. These critical skills are required across all areas to support the delivery of essential infrastructure that will support our customers’  projects.

Governments and organisations around the world are committing to ambitious emissions reduction targets.

Oil & Gas

As experts in the fabrication and installation of oilfield infrastructure on and offshore, we are experienced in supporting customers during the most challenging oil & gas projects. And as operators face new legislation CRC Evans is on hand to help reduce emissions and consumables while maintaining operating assets in a safe, productive state.​


The need to meet the growing global demand for energy in a sustainable way is driving the expansion of the renewable sector. Building large-scale structures to harness natural energy sources and connecting them to new supply networks will require formidable engineering skills and ingenuity honed over decades in other industries.


With nations seeking longer term, low-carbon energy options, CRC Evans is proud to bring to support customers in this sector with our expertise in critical infrastructure. From the provision of key contracting personnel services for fabrication and construction, right through to the commissioning and testing of a new build plant.​


The world expects reliability from its infrastructure since any disruption has a negative impact on individuals, communities, businesses and markets. From tunnels to terminals, CRC Evans offers technical expertise in welding and coatings to manage the challenges faced by clients during these large scale, time-critical projects.