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CRC Evans is a leading provider of specialist coating solutions, supporting major customers around the world. We are a recognised leader in the provision of field joint coating services and technologies and offer bespoke packages tailored to customer requirements. Our in-house design and manufacturing capability allows us to customise equipment to suit individual projects and drive the development of equipment and processes using automation, which enables us to deliver fast, repeatable results with consistent quality in the application of materials.

Our broad fleet of specialist field joint coating equipment includes induction generators and coils, inverters, on-pipe powder coating equipment, PP and PE flame spray equipment, pumping equipment for injection molding polyurethane and heat-assisted polypropylene (and polyethylene) tape wrap equipment. Our equipment is manufactured in-house by our skilled team.


CRCE has a long track record of providing induction heating and field joint coating services to main line contractors, with a full service provision including personnel and equipment to provide the optimum solutions for our customers.


CRCE is a recognised partner in the application of field joint coating systems, capable of meeting the increasing demands for quality, reliability, and shorter installation times. Our equipment and processes are designed in accordance with the laybarge configuration, forming an integral part of offshore pipe lay activity and providing a highly repeatable process, delivering optimum cycle time for the application of a wide range of field joint coating systems.


Spoolbase activity requires a unique combination of onshore and offshore pipeline construction expertise which we are well placed to provide, with our extensive track record of overland and offshore pipeline experience. We have several ongoing spoolbase contracts around the world and can mobilise quickly to support when required, with an extensive inventory of modular equipment that can be shipped globally to fabrication yards, temporary spoolbases, or permanent facilities.

Field Joint Coating

CRC Evans is the global leader in field joint coating services with extensive experience supporting major projects worldwide. Our equipment and processes are based on the use of automation and are designed and manufactured in house, allowing us to tailor our solutions to our customer’s needs.

Custom coating

We provide custom coating services for the application of internal and external anti-corrosion coating, insulation coating, and multi-layer as required. We specialise in a wide variety of coating solutions to help protect your assets and maximise productivity and operating life.

Industrial coating

We specialise in the application of protective coating systems, bringing a wealth of experience from our extensive oil and gas, engineering, marine, utilities and renewables sectors, backed by a reputation for quality workmanship, commitment to meeting delivery times and a flexible approach to meeting our client’s needs.

Coating equipment

Surface Preparation (Blasting)

Open Blast: Standard and High-Efficiency Blast Equipment
Utilised in open environments, high-efficiency blast units with manually operated hoses offer the flexibility and adaptability for blasting pipeline welded joints of varying diameters, under diverse site conditions. High-efficiency mega blaster equipment offers high daily production for large-diameter pipelines.

Semi-Automatic Closed-Cycle Vacuum Blast Equipment
The semi-automatic closed-cycle blasting system incorporates an abrasive recovery system so the abrasive can be recycled and reused. Speed, simplicity, improved safety, and reduced waste and material pollution make this equipment favourable for operations within confined work stations and on landlines, where environmental protection is a priority.

Fully Automatic Closed-Cycle Vacuum Blast Equipment
The fully automatic closed-cycle system includes the added benefits of repeatable quality, with operator error and fatigue virtually eliminated. Fully automated blasting equipment offers efficient surface preparation in high-production environments, including spoolbases and offshore lay barges.

Fully Automatic, Fully Enclosed Blast Cabinets
SABRE™ is CRC Evans’ primary solution for advanced onshore and offshore operations. SABRE a fully automated system utilising state-of-the-art sensors and computer software to provide a consistent high-quality blasted surface within each and every joint area. Fully enclosed operations ensure health, safety, and environmental improvements through reduced noise, waste, and operator interaction.

Injection Moulded Polypropylene

Injection Moilded Polypropylene (IMPP) thermal insulation is widely used to provide adequate thermal insulation to maintain flow characteristics within pipelines and flow lines, combining a low overall heat transfer coefficient (OHTC) with the ability to perform at high operating temperatures (140°C).

CRC Evans’ IMPP equipment and processes are designed and manufactured to suit project parameters including thickness (U values) and bandwidth (volume of material), firing line or workstation configuration and footprint and installation target cycle times, and can also be used at fabrication yards for application of IMPP to spools.

CRC Evans’ IMPP field joint systems are compatible with various thin-film and multi-layer polypropylene factory-applied line pipe coatings: standard thin-film 3-layer polypropylene coating, multi-layer polypropylene systems, and incompressible polypropylene materials suitable for deeper water applications. Suitable for operating temperatures up to 140°C.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder coatings are applied to the welded joint area as a standalone coating system for FBE-coated pipelines or as a primer layer as part of multi-layer polyolefin field joint coating systems for multi-layer polyolefin-coated pipelines.

FBE application solutions and services to welded field joints include semi-automated powder application equipment and services, fully automated, combined heat-and-coat, powder application equipment and services. Key FBE features include controlled thickness, efficient application cycle times and waste reduction. The application of FBE powder coatings involves pre-heating the substrate to the required temperature (typically 240°C) by use of induction coils, followed by application of the powder coating.

CRC Evans’ powder coating equipment and services include semi-automated powder application equipment which is suitable for a wide range of pipeline diameters. Semi-automated powder coating equipment rotates around the field joint area in cycles to achieve the desired dry film thickness. These units are also used for the application of FBE and polyolefin adhesive as part of multi-layer systems.

The RAPTOR™ heat and coat machine delivers optimum cycle times and high repeatability. RAPTOR units are designed to simultaneously pre-heat and apply powder coatings to the field joint area in high-production environments such as spoolbase operations, multi-jointing activities, offshore lay barges, and onshore pipeline construction.

RAPTOR units are fully contained and meet the highest HSE standards. The units are also used for the application of FBE and polyolefin adhesive as part of multi-layer systems.

Polyurethane Foam Infill

Polyurethane Foam Infill (PUF) is applied to the joint area of concrete weight coated pipes to protect the welded joint area and assist with pipe movement over the rollers. PUF material formulations are available to offer specific performance criteria.

The HDPF system develops a rigid, open cell structure. Upon immersion, the open cells will absorb water, thereby increasing in overall density to approximately 1025 kg/m3 (similar to seawater itself). The low-viscosity product formulation of the HDPF system allows “free flow” of chemicals to ensure quick and complete filling of the mould, within the cycle times demanded by today’s offshore lay barge operations. HDPF offers rapid cycle times and uses compact, reliable application equipment.

It is compatible with all conventional anti-corrosion field joint coating systems.

Multi component liquid

Multi-Component Liquid (MCL) coating systems are widely used for the protection of the welded joint area. CRC Evans specialises in the installation of MCL systems, by the use of automated, on-pipe, spray equipment, offering repeatability and continuity in quality. MCL field joint coating systems excellent corrosion protection and mechanical properties, with short application cycle times, rapid curing characteristics and repeatable quality, verified by simple onsite inspection and testing procedures.

CRC Evans’ fully automated spray technology (FAST) improves productivity, reliability, safety, and quality assurance. Its unique monitoring features track material parameters and real time data logging helps to ensure that material is being applied at the correct conditions and in the correct mix-ratio. Online monitoring ensures that all critical parameters are continuously monitored, ensuring repeatable quality and the long-term integrity of the coated field joint area.

Fused field joint

CRC Evans’ fused field joint (FFJ) system is a high-performance 3-layer polyolefin system for welded field joints, offering excellent mechanical properties and “fusion” to the factory-applied coating (overlap area), providing an end-to-end 3-layer coating solution. The system is applied utilising automated equipment to ensure speed and repeatable quality. The FFJ system is used in areas of high production. Following application of the fusion bonded epoxy and co-polymer layer, the outer polyolefin top coat is applied. The polyolefin top coat layer is helically applied around the joint area. Heat is applied throughout the installation process aiding “fusion” between progressive layers and to the factory-applied coating.

Our innovative coating technologies limit consumption and waste and minimise overspray and coating material loss, for safer application and reduced environmental impact.

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