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CRC Evans provides the equipment and experts to deliver your projects safely, reliably and within budget. We operate at the forefront of industry technology capabilities continually striving for improvement through innovation and  product development solutions that will add value for our customers. With early engagement CRC Evans can support during project planning, helping to identify where issues may arise, advising on material selection and carrying out weldability trials prior to project start. Once the project is underway our high-performance equipment, trained personnel and onsite advisors, provide the technical support to successfully manage project delivery.



Since 1933, CRC Evans has been building pipelines of the highest quality. Our customers have access to a broad range of onshore pipeline construction equipment including automatic welding, bending machines, padding and crushing machines and weighting systems as part of our integrated service delivery supported by experienced personnel, providing our customers with access to the most comprehensive resources in the industry. CRC Evans has a strong culture of innovation with our in-house research and development team delivering many of the industry’s most effective technologies.



CRC Evans are experts in the provision of mechanised welding equipment and services for the global offshore energy sector. We operate at the forefront of industry technology capabilities with product development solutions that can add value to our clients. With a continuous drive for innovation, our advanced technical solutions and streamlined processes and procedures are focused on reliability and efficiency, simplifying delivery to suit a broader workforce whilst reducing welding cycles and minimising re-work.

Welding technologies

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Mechanised gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is achieved through the use of one or two torches on a narrow bevel.

CRC Evans makes use of mechanised GMAW with the P600 and P625 featuring dual torch technology, horizontal & vertical tracking and independent torch movement.

CRC Evans began developing mechanised welding machines back in 1969 and today’s units are the product of over 50 years of improvements.


Effortless welding in large applications

CRC Evans’ utilises automatic GMAW for large diameter pipeline with it’s internal welding machine (IWM).

This advancement in technology has allowed for efficient and consistent internal root pass welding with minimal operator interference – completing each root weld in less than a minute.

Flux-Cored Arc Welding

A mechanised FCAW procedure using a 7° bevel is used for pipeline fatigue, heavy wall thickness, and structure for the nuclear industry. The combination of narrow bevel and mechanised FCAW allows for high productivity and consistent qualitity.

The CRC Evans’ M500 single torch external welding system makes use of mechanised FCAW. The M500 allows welders to utilise a single bug to weld both CW and CCW whilst providing a wide range of hardware & software advantages, including ‘on-the-fly’ head angle changes

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

CRC Evans uses mechanised GTAW for specialised customer solutions and projects globally. GTAW is suitable for CRA, duplex, and carbon steel materials. Whether for heavy pipe or operational requirements, a joint tracking camera can be used for higher accuracy.

Our mechanised GTAW narrow gap solutions systems were successfully deployed on wall thicknesses up to 55mm meeting the most stringent acceptance criteria.

For over 90 years CRC Evans has provided equipment, services, and technology for onshore and offshore pipeline projects in more than 100 countries

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