CRC Evans supports construction, maintenance and upgrade programmes within the wider infrastructure and transportation sectors.

Infrastructure specialists

Tailored solutions to meet project requirements

CRC Evans is instrumental in supporting key construction, maintenance and upgrade projects across the infrastructure and transport sectors in the UK and Europe. Our track record includes a diverse range of projects including bridges, tunnels, jetties, station outfitting, terminals and stadia.

With competencies spanning structural, mechanical, piping and welding, we specialise in the provision of tailored solutions to meet a range of project requirements. Our technical expertise enables us to overcome the challenges faced by our customers through innovative welding solutions that are focused on safety and quality.

Our experience in the refinery sector includes major site expansion work where we have demonstrated broad capability including project management, quality control, inspection, construction, supervision and the provision of multi-discipline trade personnel. Successful project completion relies on delivering a high quality managed service with low weld repair rates and excellent safety performance.

In the petrochemical sector we supply specialist welders, supervision and multi-discipline trade personnel for major projects, supporting pre-turnaround, shut down and post shutdown work scopes and introducing innovative welding solutions such as the STT welding method to enhance production and increase value for our customers.

We are key partners in critical infrastructure projects where our specialist skills and experience can add real value for our customers


Infrastructure welding specialists

CRC Evans can support construction, maintenance and upgrade programmes within the infrastructure and transport sectors, with competencies in structural, mechanical, piping and specialist welding techniques enabling us to provide our customer with focused solutions that can enhance value and reduce risk.

Our technical welding expertise can be applied across multiple sectors to help manage challenges that can arise during construction projects such as bridges, tunnels, jetties, station outfitting and terminals.​​​

High Purity

We support the welding and fabrication of ultra-high purity micro bore piping packages, offering  integrated solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our experienced management team and dedicated clean room and manufacturing facilities enable us to undertake process instrument pipework for the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, process and bottling industries, as demonstrated by our recent track record in providing manual and autogenous welding scopes for newbuild biopharma and pharmaceutical plant. Our support services can include project management, mechanical and electrical, instrument and commissioning, and QA/QC quality management support.

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