The drive to achieve net-zero goals has created ambitious engineering targets for companies in the renewables sector. Yet bringing new sources of energy on stream is a critical step as industry and society move towards a low-carbon future.

Emerging energies

Enabling the green transition

CRC Evans has a long history in the provision of specialist services in welding and coating. Our capability is well proven by utilising our knowledge and experience can be adapted to support the fabrication and assembly of fixed structures and floating units, as well as secondary steel fabrication work.

With a strong culture of innovation, CRC Evans is leading the way in the technology and process development that will deliver the welding and coating efficiencies that are needed to support production-scale fabrication.

Supported by an extensive fleet of mechanised welding equipment and solutions for innershield and FCAW welding, our goal is to increase production efficiency, introducing methodologies that can be  incorporated within advanced training for deployment on upcoming projects.

By aligning advanced welding and coating with a structured and expansive training programme, we can support the application of the scale and quality control processes for complex marine grade steel work.


Fixed and Floating Wind​

We are building capabilities, capacities and developing required technology and procedures to answer to the worldwide fixed and floating wind sector. Our welding and coating services are being applied across the offshore wind sector for final assembly of modules. The fabrication of both fixed and floating foundations on an industrial scale is a significant technical and logistical challenge where effective and efficient welding is a key requirement. By driving the evolution in welding technology we can improve speed and consistency, supported by enhanced processing and procedures. Deployment across local fabrication yards will provide developers with greater flexibility and assurance over their procurement options and scheduling.



When dealing with an easily-dispersed gas such as hydrogen, joint integrity is critical. Hydrogen can embrittle pipeline steel so welds demand expert solutions. CRC Evans is working to provide pioneering pipeline solutions to support the growth of hydrogen as a low-carbon energy source. ​

Our long association with providing services for all major pipeline construction contractors and has earned a reputation for quality, performance, and reliability in the services we provide. We are available to partner on new infrastructure projects and the modification of existing natural gas pipelines to carry blended products.​


Carbon Capture and Storage

CRC Evans is well placed to support our customers during early stage planning for Carbon Capture and Storage |(CCS) projects. With our knowledge and expertise we understand the considerations and requirements for welds and coatings pipelines when conveying dense or supercritical-phase CO2.

We need new infrastructure on a large scale and the technologies that can enable its delivery

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